Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ninja Video Shut Down

A Distorted Reality., originally uploaded by The Vision Beautiful.
"Authorities at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency seized the domains of nine websites that had been charged with illegally pirating first-run movies yesterday. But while the domains were taken down as part of ICE’s “Operation In Our Sites,” two of the sites have already reappeared just 24 hours later.

The sites, Movies-Links.TV,,,,,, and, had all bought their domains from US-based registrars, which had allowed federal authorities to seize the domains. The ICE replaced those domains with the following image, warning users that it is unlawful to distribute copyrighted information without authorization. . ."

(Read the full article by Ryan Lawler here)


Sarah-Buh-Garah said...

But it's not unlawful to watch them, right?

Sarah-Buh-Garah said...

I also noticed in your blog, that there isn't an image to refer to.
"The ICE replaced those domains with the following image, warning that it is unlawful to distribute..."

.hillsy.heart. said...

The post is just an excerpt from Ryan Lawler's article and the image is posted there.

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