Friday, June 25, 2010

Who is Mailing Me Wasps?!

Wasp at Work, originally uploaded by NaturalLight.
I am afraid of wasps and bees. I just don't like things buzzing around me with the ability to sting me. Yesterday, I reached into my mailbox and grabbed a wasp! Neither of us enjoyed it. I ran as fast as I could back into the house. I calmed down for a minute and then when back out. The wasp was gone so I grabbed the mail, but of course it wasn't really gone and it chased me again! Now, I'm feeling pretty pathetic. Half the mail is laying on the sidewalk and I'm scared to go back. I do go back and get the mail off the ground, but I leave the mailbox hanging open because I don't want to disturb any possible wasps.

This morning, I was out swimming when the mail came. I went out onto the driveway to get it and this annoying old woman was outside walking her dogs. She has two yappy little dogs that used to try to attack my golden retriever. She always gives me a dirty look when I see her. I go the mailbox and carefully look inside. Sweet! No wasps! I reach inside and a wasp appears! So I'm running away from my mailbox in my swimsuit, screeching, while the woman with the dogs is giving me a dirty look. As I am running, the wasp is by my ear attempting to sting me. I am frenziedly whipping my head around to hit it with my pony tail. Great! I hope the security camera caught all this. I really wouldn't want my drug dealer neighbors to miss this!


Sarah-Buh-Garah said...

That wasp? photo is pretty cool. A magnifying lens would be neat to have.
You aren't supposed to flail your arms around actually encourages them to sting or bite silly.

.hillsy.heart. said...

The wasp pictured was not the wasp I encountered. I would love to have a macro lens and be able to take photos like that!

Also, It's hard not to flail about when wasps are landing on you.

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