Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Pal the Prostitute Pt. 2

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(continued from part one)

After the awkward hug, I recognized an old friend across the bar. We fled from the birthday party to go talk with her. She tells us an epic story about living down South and staying at a UFC fighter's house. It was a crazy story and the whole thing ended badly.

Suddenly, a douche bag guy appears and wraps his arm around myself and my friend. He looks like a salesman. Dark slicked back hair. Dressed nicely. He introduces himself as being someone who was in a play with my friend. I somehow miss his name because he immediately begins discussing the last play he was in. As he described it, his character got off on passing Barbie dolls. "Like, shitting Barbie dolls?!" my friend asked. Yes, he had to pretend to shit a Barbie doll on stage! The whole conversation is strangely captivating, so when he pulls out a condom and announces "No one is getting laid tonight!" in a slightly sarcastic way, it almost doesn't register with me. He fiddles with the condom during the entire conversation and only after he leaves do I think, "What the fuck was that about?!"

We go to leave the bar and my friend wants to say goodbye to the birthday girl. She's disappeared along with Douche Bag and several other people to the back of the bar where the lights have been turned out and the sound of moaning can just barely be heard over the loud music. Happy Birthday, Whore!

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