Friday, December 4, 2009

Road Kill

honestground, originally uploaded by yyellowbird.

there's blood on your whisper, originally uploaded by Jessica Tremp.

smallandwild, originally uploaded by yyellowbird.
I've been seeing photos of road kill a lot lately and commuting back and forth to school- observing road kill in it's natural environment.  And well, I think that I need to paint some road kill.  It seems like an obvious progression to me.  I'm going to be taking a painting class next semester so hopefully I can finally finish my painting of Patricia Arquette with a gun to her head (a scene from Lost Highway) and start on something new.

Sorry if the images are too graphic.  I think I may be going though a late in life Gothic period.  Either that or I'm just gaining renewed interest in dark eye makeup and disemboweled creatures.

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Danielle said...

A bird hit my windshield while I was driving on the highway today. I remember hearing a big thump and seeing a flash of yellow with some scared eyes. It made me sad but was beautiful in a weird way too.

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