Monday, May 23, 2011

Rodeo Wrap Up

tender, originally uploaded by owlgardens.
On Saturday, my friends and I went to the Redding Rodeo. It was my second time going, but it was still just as ridiculous as the first. Here are the highlights:
  • We don't fit in at the rodeo and we probably never will.  A group of cowboys said that J looked like a "douche bag."  We might look like hipsters to them, but it's kind of awesome being made fun of by a bunch of men in Wranglers.
  • Throwing kettle corn down an old man's pants.  This led to a kettle corn fight.  Cover your drink and guard your cleavage!
  • I was showing off by slipping off my wristband that indicated that I am over the age of twenty-one.  Then a huge employee of the rodeo came over and roughly ripped it off my arm!  I was amused, but K wasn't so he told the police officers who were standing by chatting.  They of course didn't care or even reprimand the employee who stood by looking guilty.  Now, J and K refer to this as the time I was "manhandled."

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