Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Redding Rodeo

Woodland Fairy Tale, originally uploaded by inmost_light.
I went to the Redding Rodeo for the first time. If you didn’t go this year or have never been, here is what you may have missed:
  • Critiquing the treatment of the animals. Don’t worry the calves were wearing helmets.
  • A gay rodeo clown attempting to flirt with your male friend.
  • Eagerly watching angry animals attempt to injure humans. Oh, the bloodlust!
  • Being so close to the ring that dirt flies on you when the animals run by.
  • Drinking too much then searching the ground for change to buy more drinks.
  • Watching an elderly lady have ice thrown on her.
  • Seeing your friend nearly run over his drunken sister.
Good times! 

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