Sunday, March 7, 2010

Michael Jackson is (still) Dead

Friday night started out pretty good at the bar. The Murder City Devils version of "Rum to Whiskey" was on and people were singing. That was until the annoying girl came in.

The drunken girl attached herself to two boys who appeared to be on a date. She was shouting some story to them and flailing her hands in the air. Then she put on "Thriller" and started dancing to it. At first, this was very entertaining. You rarely see this sort of drunken performance. I mean, she knew the whole thing! At some point though, while watching this, I learned that "Thriller" is a very long song. It's four and a half minutes long! I lost interest and became annoyed. One of the boys left while grumbling about the girl.

You're probably thinking, "So, what? Four and a half minutes isn't that long! It wasn't that bad." Yes, it was because immediately after the song ended she put it on again! And, of yes, she began dancing again. Finally, when nearly ten minutes of"Thriller" ended, the remaining boy put on "Billie Jean" for her! At this point I ran out of the bar!

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