Monday, January 18, 2010

Stalking to Pass the Time

Midnight feast, originally uploaded by Chrissie White.
I'm really weird and also in a really weird mood. I really can't describe it. I feel bored, agitated and angsty. I'm not sure why I sometimes feel like this, but it may be a result of drinking coffee or poor nutrition. Anyway, because it's night time (as it often is when I am in this mood) theres nothing to do. I thought I might look on Facebook to see if an old acquaintance was on there. So, let's just cut to the chase- I basically began stalking them. Well, I didn't go to their house or anything, but Google supplied way too much information about them. This made me uncomfortable enough to stop- well, to stop looking up this individual's personal information. You really would be surprised by what is out there on the internet!

I then looked up a childhood friend I lost touch with. She was really hard to find, but I managed to look up her brother. I was amazed by how much he looks like his father. Then because I'm a super sleuth, I managed to find my friend on Myspace. I was shocked to see her grown up. She looks almost exactly like her mom. Crazy! I mean I was so startled I felt sick! If I didn't remember what her mother looked like, I wouldn't have been able to recognize her!

I wonder if she would think I had undergone such a shocking transformation? I suppose that once you enter your twenties you start the disturbing metamorphosis of aging in which you begin to resemble your parents. YUCK!

Think about it!


Sarah-Buh-Garah said...

So, after reading this blog, I typed in your name. #1 on the list, was the book you made Danielle and I for xmas....and when you click on the link, you can view the book for purchase, and see every single page! much for private information huh?

Beautifulthingsdie2 said...

Ha! Thanks for letting me know! I changed it to private. I guess no one will be able to see you in your bra anymore. . . well no one except Asher.

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