Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disgusting Diet Soda

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Contrary to what you might read on Wikipedia, diet soda is both disgusting and bad for you. My friend claims that aspartame isn't really that bad for you. Thinking about what he had said about it, I decided to read a couple of recent peer reviewed studies about the effects of aspartame. I am shocked by what I read! Aspartame can cause various mental and behavioral disorders. It also have been known to cause headaches, insomnia and seizures. I am definitely avoiding it from now on and you should too!

Humphries, P., E. Pretorius, and H. Naudé. 2008. "Direct and indirect cellular effects of aspartame on the brain." European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 62, no. 4: 451-462. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed January 19, 2010).

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Sarah-Buh-Garah said...

it also increases your feeling of hunger...which is funny since a lot of people drink diet soda to avoid the calories!

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