Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lost Dog

Autumn Baldur, originally uploaded by Tiril Hauan.
Calling the phone number on a dog's collar.
Anonymous: Hello?
H: Hi. Do you own a golden retriever?
A: Yes.
H: I found your dog.
A: I didn't know he was missing.
H: Yeah, I found him running in the street.
A: Are you sure it's my dog? Is he wearing a red collar?
H:  . . . uh, yeah.
A:  Oh. . . well, can you drive him to my house?

Are you fucking kidding me?!


Danielle said...

Wow. That is beyond terrible. I can't believe they asked you if that was really their dog! Why would you be calling them if it wasn't? But that's really cool of you to help that dog!

Beautifulthingsdie2 said...

My mom just said she saw a golden retriever running around in the street. It's probably the same dog.

Sarah-Buh-Garah said...

did you drive it home? Or just let it wonder? I miss Tucker, he was cool.

Beautifulthingsdie2 said...

I drove him home.

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