Saturday, December 12, 2009

Caffeine Overdose

the accident, originally uploaded by PaytonGuerra.
A couple months ago, there were some strange reports about coffee in the news. You may heard something like, if you drink more than seven cups of coffee a day you have an increased likelihood of seeing ghosts. Hilarious, huh? Well, I'm starting to think that there may be something to that report.

Yesterday, I inadvertently consumed a great deal of caffeine. I don't really drink soda that much, but I generally drink one or two cups of coffee a day. Somehow, between all the stress of filing for graduation and Christmas shopping, I drank five sodas and one large coffee!

I didn't really notice anything during the day, but at night things started to get weird! I was watching Medium (kind of a lame show, but I like Patricia Arquette) and I started getting really paranoid and scared. When I tried to sleep, my heart started to race and I thought I was going to die. I had a ton of crazy nightmares and the whole experience was very strange. I don't recommend it for sure.

I was reading about the coffee/ghost thing and there's some truth to it. Caffeine increases cortisol production in times of stress and that can lead to "psychotic-type experiences".



Danielle said...

Crazy! I totally understand the weird nightmares. If I have caffeine before I go to bed I have very strange/realistic dreams. Sometimes they are so real that I remember them later and I can't tell if that memory is really a true memory or a dream. It's disturbing.

Sarah-Buh-Garah said...

Ya, it's definatly disturbing when you can see your heart pounding through your chest!
That's why i drink caffeine free soda now. Caffeine and stress don't mix well for me anymore.

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