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Four Bad Friends and Their Characteristics
The first bad friend, who takes anything:
  1. Taking everything from you
  2. Wanting a lot for very little (or wanting much in return for giving only a little) 
  3. Doing service only when he or she gets into trouble 
  4. Seeking only his or her own advantage.
The second bad friend, who is a great talker:
  1. Talking of favors in the past 
  2. Talking of favors in the future 
  3. Trying to please you with empty promises or mouthing empty promises of goodwill 
  4. Pleading inability owing to some disaster when something needs to be done in the present.
The third bad friend, who flatters:
  1. Agreeing to the bad actions of you
  2. Also, agreeing to the good actions of you
  3. Praising you in your presence
  4. Disparaging you behind your back.
The fourth bad friend, who is a fellow-spendthrift or who debauches:
  1. Being a companion when indulging in strong drink
  2. Being a companion when haunting the streets at unfitting times
  3. Being a companion when frequenting shows and entertainments
  4. Being a companion when indulging in gambling
(Who Do You Associate With: Good Friends Or Bad Friends? By U Jotalankara)

I totally fall into the fourth category!  I need to stop haunting the streets at night and engaging in debauchery!

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