Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hit Me, You Can't Hurt Me

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When I returned to my car yesterday after school, I discovered that someone had hit it and left a note. Not just hit it, but smashed it in. I can't open the driver's door and the metal is all crinkled around the wheel. I talked to the guy who did it, and I was surprisingly calm. I am under the impression that he might be slightly retarded. This is partly due to the way the note was written, the fact that he was backing out of his drive way across the street when he hit my car, and also from just talking to him. "It's a shame to ruin such a pretty li'l car," is what he told me.

I feel mostly disappointed. It's frustrating dealing with insurance companies. Also, I don't like having to crawl in though the passenger's door.

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Danielle said...

Oh man that's terrible. What a hassle! Hopefully all that insurance stuff goes through fast.

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