Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Books?

Currently, I'm a total deadbeat. My parents are having to buy all my books for college next semester. I made a list on Amazon and sent it to my dad. The books arrived today and among my texts on the psychology of women, marriage, and children, I found Cherry Bomb. According to the cover it is "The ultimate guide to becoming a better flirt, a tougher chick, and a hotter girlfriend, and to living life like a rock star." So, I'm wondering if this was accidentally ordered or if my dad thinks I need to improve my flirting skills. My dad sometimes buys self-help books/DVDs for people who have no interest in them. Is this misguided present an attempt at feminist self-help? It's hard to tell. I'm kind of hoping that Amazon just made a mistake.

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DL said...

Ah man that's my favorite!

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