Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dads are the Original Hipsters

LOUIS by Jwhoward1991
LOUIS, a photo by Jwhoward1991 on Flickr.
I just happened upon the blog, Dads are the Original Hipsters.  It's pretty amusing.  I never realized that with his Volvo and Ray-bans my dad was living the hipster dream.  Here's a sample post:
Your dad wore thick framed glasses before you did.
Hipsters, you’re probably looking at this photo and thinking,
“Holy shit are those original, vintage, classic Ray Ban Wayfarers. He better still have them because I’ve been fucking looking at every goddamn thrift store in the Mission for a pair like that.” 
But hear me out.
He wore those when he was bird dogging honies [sic] down at the Tasty Freeze in his GTO. So hipster, if you want to be like your old man, just go rummage through his old boxes in the basement for your own pair (here is a hint: they’ll probably be next the naked Polaroids of your mom.)
Check out the site to view the vintage photos which accompany each post.

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