Friday, March 4, 2011

Thai Restaurant Rundown

Shrimp Pad Thai, originally uploaded by fakeginger.
A Review of Thai Restaurants in Redding, California

5. Five Thais
Interestingly enough, Five Thais comes in at number five- bottom of the list.  This is not only the worst Thai restaurant in Redding it is just a disgusting restaurant in general.  It's located in the old TCBY and very little has changed inside.  Seating and ordering is awkward.  The food was beyond nasty.  I ordered Pad Thai and it tasted predominantly of red pepper flakes.  I was starving when I went otherwise the food would be pretty much inedible.

4. Racha Noodle
I had heard a lot of good things about Racha Noodle and was eager to try it.  The restaurant itself was nothing special.  It sort of reminded me of a laboratory in college.  Institutional pink painted walls, exposed pipes, and travel posters from Thailand.  I feel like the food was slightly off.  Everything that usually tastes sweet was just not very sweet.  It wasn't terrible, but I don't have any desire to return there.  In addition to the mediocre food, they only take cash and checks.  Who takes checks?

3. Thai Cafe
I haven't been there recently because they have weird hours, but this was an okay place.  A lot of my friends really like it.  I've heard some people complain that they don't like how the tofu is cooked.  This is the sort of place I would probably go to if my friends really wanted to, but I probably wouldn't take the initiative to go on my own.

2. Kanya Garden Thai Cuisine
I really like Kanya Garden.  It's pretty small and located close to Racha Noodle.  I think that it's a good place to take people who haven't had Thai food.  The food is delicious! The waitresses are really nice and always have good recommendations.

1. Nipa's Thai Cuisine
Nipa's is my current favorite.  It's a bit more expensive that Kanya Garden, but I think it's worth it.  They serve a vegetarian soup along with the entrĂ©es, everything I've eaten was amazing, the people that work there are great, and they have exotic birds outside to look at.  I mean, really what more could you want?

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