Sunday, December 19, 2010

Johnny's Makes Me Want to Puke

The other night, my friends and I were down the street at the Squire Room. We were having fun and drank a little too much. K suggested that we go to Johnny's. This is one bar that I particularly dislike. I've heard that it is inspired by the film, "Coyote Ugly." Originally there were women dancing on the bar. I'm pretty sure they lost their liquor license once because of it and had to stop. I'm glad because, these stripper-rejects were embarrassing to watch. Now, on a busy night most people just stand around looking bored watching middle-aged people dance to a bad 90's cover band. Oh, jealousy! Despite all this, Johnny's is one of the newer bars in town and everyone always wants to go there. C had never been there and K coerced us into going by promising to buy us shots of Patron if we went.

When we got there the place was dead, which was unusual and sort of nice. We got a seat at the bar and shots were ordered. We were so drunk that there was some confusion about how to take tequila shots. Of course, now it seems so obvious when to use the lime, but that night we had to rely on the knowledge of the bartenders. Almost immediately after taking her shot, I looked over to see C who was sort of hunched over with her hand curled open in front of her delicately as if she just sneezed. C had just vomited onto the bar! Apparently, this is nothing unusual for Johnny's and the bartenders grabbed a towel and some water for C. Poor C is mortified while K and I are triumphantly amused.

The bartenders really should have seen this coming. Take that Johnny's!


Danielle said...

Best. Story. Ever.

.hillsy.heart. said...

Glad you liked it. It was way better in person.

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