Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Terrible Insult

Bars really aren't my favorite places, but they are somewhere to go at night when you and your friends are bored. We were extremely bored last night when our plans fell through, and we ended up at the Rusty Nail. The Rusty Nail is sort of a strange bar that is attached to the mall. I'm not sure how to describe it. It has sort of a sports bar feel with a couple of large aquariums.

I noticed some obnoxious people sitting on top of the bar. This classy group was being loud and taking body shots off each other. No big deal, until my friends and I realize that we know one of the individuals. . . .my misogynistic ex-supervisor! He is the reason I quit my last job and I am part of the reason he got fired. I definitely don't want to run into him, but of course he comes stumbling right up to our table! He's grinning despite his obvious rage and when I ask him how he is doing he mistakenly thinks I'm asking "What the fuck are you doing?" After a while, he cools down to some extent, and keeps remarking about how strange it is to see us. He then proceeds to "whisper" in my male friend's ear, "Are you guys fucking?" He is beyond wasted and we ask him about why exactly he was fired. He slurs when he tells us (these are his words) about how he fucked an attention whore who worked with us and was caught flipping the bitch off on camera. Wow, what a lovely way to describe your seventeen year old subordinate coworker!

My ex-supervisor's drunk girlfriend comes up to the table and introduces herself.
You look just like Tina Fey!
No, you are probably just saying that because of the hair.
No, you must get that all the time! I bet you could even dress up like Palin like she does!
No. . .
Talk about adding insult to injury!  My friend and I quickly left and vowed never to go to the Rusty Nail again.


Sarah-Buh-Garah said...

Oh Redding....I feel like that guy should have been to that other bar downtown with the girls dancing on the bar. There were more older people his age there.

I like the picture you used. It looks like your regular hangout actually.

hillsy heart said...

That guy (my ex-supervisor) is our age so he probably wouldn't be at Johnny's.

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