Sunday, October 18, 2009

Women in Space: A Response

This post is in response to the Popgadget article, "Women had The Right Stuff to be early astronauts, but their timing was lousy."  

How could this be "the women's fault"?

The US military discriminated against women by not allowing them into their pilot training programs and then NASA only recruited military pilots. If you think that this just happens to be a coincidence or was done simply out of convenience you are sadly mistaken. NASA fully understood the implications of what they were doing. This article specifically demonstrates the types of institutionalized discrimination we've grown accustom to in America.

Frankly, I'm surprised that Popgadget (a site geared towards women) would post such an article on their site. Most readers of the original article "Why NASA Barred Women Astronauts" by Henry Spencer, would be aware of the lack of acknowledgment of sexism on decision making and the obvious biases of the author. Below the article are some constructive comments to that effect. I believe that the author of this post should have better evaluated the original article and spent more time researching the topic before propagating this offensive viewpoint.

UPDATE:  Popgadget refused to post my comment on their site.  If you were also offended by their article please write to them at

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