Saturday, September 5, 2009

Favorite Places in Redding

Cal's Books
Located in warehouse-like building behind a car lot. I always thought the sign said "Cat's Books." It's the kind of old fashioned bookstore Barnes and Nobel is trying to imitate. (minus the Starbucks) There are shelves stacked to the ceiling and jazz music is always playing. This is not the average, romance novel filled, used bookstore.

Bog Bean
Mostly sells used CDs, but also has used books, DVDs, software, and video games. Decorated with kitsch and a mismatch of rugs, it has sort of a hippie vibe. A fun place just to browse and has good deals on used games.

The Squire Room
A total dive bar. This bar is strangely charming with it's '70s motif and red lighting. A good place to escape from hip hop music while drinking. The bartender, Frank, is entertaining.

Sue's Java Cafe
The best coffee I've had in Redding. More on the expensive side. Drab mauve walls and shabby seating. Features local artists and musicians. Plenty of vegan treats and awesome employees.

Los Gordos Taqueria (not pictured)
Delicious Mexican food! I could eat there everyday! Cheap prices and great service. The tiny restaurant is located downtown. You can watch the Spanish station on their flat screen TV.

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Beautifulthingsdie2 said...

I was kind of expecting someone to point out that these are all old dingy places.

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