Wednesday, September 2, 2009


{day 110}, originally uploaded by Ann Marie316.

I've watched the movie Coraline a few times, and I've noticed that one of the ghost children refers to the other mother as the "belle dame." What's that all about? It refers to the French phrase "la belle dame sans merci" meaning the beautiful lady without mercy. It is the title of a ballad written by the poet John Keats.

I think this photo based off of Coraline is so clever.


Emilia said...

that movie really scared me, haha! it was really creepy for a children's movie.

go said...

lol, some women in target were talking about how coraline shouldn't have been a childrens movie becuase it was so scary!

Beautifulthingsdie2 said...

Coraline is kind of a creepy movie for kids! It has a lot more in common with Grimm's Fairy Tales than the Disney stories we are used to. I think that some of the psychological aspects are what makes it interesting to adults.

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