Sunday, August 9, 2009

So Cute

Happy Birthday toooo meeee!!!!, originally uploaded by ilina s.

Yesterday, Chris and I were bored, so he suggested we climb the roof of the old Montgomery Ward. There's nothing to do really so I agreed to go. We went out to his truck and it was kind of cool so he went back inside and got a sweatshirt, which he put in his backpack, then we went to my house so I could change my shoes and get a sweatshirt.

We went to Montgomery Ward and climbing on the roof was a little challenging for me. I had to stand on his shoulders to reach the ladder. I realized that I'm really weak and more at home with climbing on jungle gyms than adult-sized ladders.

Chris and I sat down on top of the roof for a couple minutes then he asked me to turn around while he got something out of his backpack. I thought he was surprising me with a picnic because we had talked about having a picnic on a roof before, but was a little confused because we had just eaten dinner. I turned around and he had a little birthday cake with candles and presents! I was so surprised! It was so cute!

I can't believe he carried an ice cream cake and presents up a giant ladder on to a roof to surprise me!


Danielle said...

that post made me go "awwwww that is so cute"

Sarah-Buh-Garah said...

how sweet of him. Good job Chris

Danielle said...

I though this was cool. Check it out.

Also if you haven't already read it...

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